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Hello friend,

My name is Ifeanyi Uche, and it’s possible you’ve heard or may not have heard about me before.

Irrespective of whether or not you know me, I feel obligated to share my story with you. And I am doing this for two reasons: first, it is often difficult to connect to and believe someone you do not know, particularly when it comes to education. 

And the second reason is to let you know what is possible when you decide what you want from life and go for it…miracles actually happen.

It all started several years ago, precisely in 2006. It was SADC November Special, when series of seminars are organized by that God blessed NGO Co-founded by my mentor, and his wife, Dr. Emmanuel Ojeagbase and Pastor (Mrs) Esther Ojeagbase.

I was late that day for free seminar and was standing outside with some folks. I shared what I could call my pathetic story at the time with one Tim. 

I had just lost a huge amount of money in the HYIP scam. You remember those High Yield Investment Programs of those years? My mentor used to call it “Heightening Your Inevitable Penury (HYIP)”.

Upon hearing my story Tim suggested I went into forex trading. Forex trading was just beginning to gain popularity in those days.

So, I thought to myself, why not? And I looked up an ad on forex in Success Digest Newspaper then, called one Emmanuel and enquired how long and how much it would take for him to give me a quality training on forex trading.

His reply shocked me…

He said I would pay N50K for a 4-hours training. I asked again if the 4 hours would be enough for me to learn to trade? And his reply was an emphatic YES!

I advised myself to run.

To cut a long story short, eventually SADC organized the First Money In The Bank Workshop and forex trading was also featured during the week long (6 days) workshop, and about 52 of us attended the forex trading sessions of the program the entire week. This was facilitated then by Ibidapo Lawal.

I am grateful for the things I learnt from Ibidapo Lawal, some of which truly helped after I started.

So, we were all excited both during and after the 6 days workshop at SADC, so much so that someone even proposed to sell his car to start trading. I gathered tthe little money I had left and funded my trading account with $500. I also called up a very close friend of mine, in fact, two of them and asked them to raise $1500 each to invest in my forex trading. After all  we have been told forex is a goldmine.

I started live trading in April, 2007, and it took 2 weeks in 2 days for me to blow that my first live trading account. Good heavens, what in the world was I doing? I just lost my first trading account, and it was during the Easter weekend of 2007. I still find it difficult to explain how I survived a week with just N2K in my pocket after the loss. No other way to generate income for me as my hopeful source was just slammed in my face.

After nursing my injury and losses, I decided to go back to demo trading, and was using a commercial wifi belonging to a company that was selling Direct on PC in Computer village during the day.

At night I was without Internet at home, but from 9am in the morning I was using their service to trade. So, one day, a man approached me while I was trading on my demo account and asked if I could train. I answered in the affirmative, and he paid me N20K to train his younger brother.

That offer and the acceptance of it opened my eyes to what I called possibilities in forex.

So, with the money I purchased my own new Direct on PC Internet modem and charged it for a month.

I still continued demo trading and researching on sites like babypips.com to gain more insight and knowledge about the markets. 

Finally, I found the secret! After I found this secret, and implemented it around May/June 2007, it only took me till August of 2007 (three months) to make almost half a million naira in pure profit.

I continued with this strategy for the next several years and continue to add to the strategies  I was learning until they became more than 4, which I have used to amass millions in cool profit from the market.

These secrets have been kept and practiced by me and the few who know about them, until I decided to share it and touch other lives that desire to be touched. 

I have used one of these secret strategies to generate over $19k without a live trading account. One of these strategies gave both $500 and over N600K in pure profit between October and November, 2020. I am sure your interest is high on what these could be.

I have more stories to tell you to let you in on what’s possible, but be on the look out for my email in the days to come. I will share them all and point the way forward for you. 


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