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forex and crypto

Learn to Trade Forex & Crypto With Great Profits from Nigeria’s Foremost Forex Coach and Receive $50 Trading Capital to Start Live Trading with Forex & Crypto Tornado!

₦122590 ₦25500 (Nigerian Residents)

Grab This Uncommon Opportunity to Learn to Trade Forex & Crypotocurrencies Profitably with the Amazing Support of Those With Years of Bullet Scars from Profits and Losses to Keep You Profitable as a Trader!

Learn to trade forex and crypto from Nigeria’s Foremost Forex Coach this season. It is time for you to begin to Trade forex and Crypto profitably with peace of mind after this course.

Stop struggling to trade forex profitably with unrealistic promises that break your heart.

Come and learn to trade with the right tools and support that ensure your lasting success.

In this Course you will receive Free $50 trading Capital to trade live with the attendant cashback bonuses.

As you can make profit with your forex trading capital for this training and withdraw after 5 trading lots.

Check What You Will learn In This Forex & Crypto Tornado Course:


  • Understanding the Forex Market and be Positioned for Great Profits
  • Understand What Leverage is and How to Use it to Your Advantage in Trading
  • You will learn how to open demo account and start practice with virtual money
  • Understand PIP and How to Use This In Your Favor
  • Understand Base and Counter or Quote Currencies, and How to Buy Currency Pairs
  • Understand Short Selling and Long Buying in Trading and Factors that Trigger Each Action
  • Terminologies You Should Know to Get Started: Ask, Bid, Spread, Margin, and Equity
  • How to Use All The Types of Orders: Buy Order, Sell Order, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Stop, TP, SL, and Trailing Stop
  • How to Open a Forex Live Account.
  • You will learn how to get a No Deposit Live Trading Account with $250 so you learn to trade on live environment with real money
  • How to Receive the Live  $50 Trading Capital Funding by Simply Demo Trading.
  • Step by Step Guide on How to Get Up to $100 Cashback  every month  whether you make profit trading or not.
  • Trends & Trend lines: Definition and Uses
  • Trend Indicators & Tools
  • Support-Resistance & Key Levels: Definition & Uses. 
  • How to Protect Your Trading Profits without Exiting Your Winning Trades
  • You will learn a trading strategy with proven statistics
  • You will see live trading by the strategy with real money
  • Establishing Your Trading Rules for Consistent Profitability
  • You will get professional advice how to trade forex market
  • Risk & Money Management Techniques that Work In Any Market (PIP, Lot, Equity, and Margin) 
  • Profitable Trading Mindset & How to Develop it

₦122590 ₦25500 (Nigerian Residents)


  • Crypto Currency Trading & Investing Terminologies.
  • Opening Blockchain Wallets for Trading & Investing
  • How to Get Started in Crypto Trading and Investing
  • 9 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Better Than Government Money (=USD, EUR, INR, PHP, etc.)
  • Understanding Altcoins-What You Need to Know About Altcoins to Make Consistent Profits
  • Discover 3 APPS to Easily Make Crypto Profits Regularly.
  • Why Invest in Altcoins Now and How to invest?
  • How to Buy Cryptocurrencies safely without being scammed
  • How to Earn Cryptocurrencies by Saving
  • 5 Ways to Get Bitcoin for 100% FREE
  • Learn More Than 3 Ways to Earn Interest on Your Bitcoin
  • Characteristics of a Good Cryptocurrency-With over 2000 Cryptocurrencies available today, how do you know which will loose and which will be profitable?
  • How to Avoid 3 most common pitfalls that Make people lose money with cryptocurrencies.
  • Learn the Key differences between traders who lose money and investors who make money.
  • Learn to Earn Cryptocurrencies Automatically While You SLEEP
  • How I Earn Bitcoin Monthly with SG Online Investment
  • Establishing Your Crypto Investment Rules

₦122590 ₦25500 (Nigerian Residents)

PART 3: How to Get Daily Passive Income on Autopilot Investing in Gold Mining

This third Part is more like a Bonus and Optional.

While, it is not an investment advice, I will share with you how you too can start making over 17% Profit Every Month Investing in Gold Trading & Mining.

  • What the Gold Investment is all about
  • Caveat before Investing
  • Why Consider Gold as an Investment Option
  • 3 Ways to make Money with Gold Using Only Your Computer or Smartphone
  • How to Get Started Today and Make Your First Your First Profit Tomorrow (within 24 hours)
  • How to Fund Your Account to Start Investing
  • How to Withdraw Your Profit to Either Perfect Money or BTC to Your Bank in 5 Simple Steps


  1. The $50 is real trading startup capital for you-the only condition for receiving this is that you implement the lessons you learn on a demo account that will be monitored.
  2. You can withdraw the trading capital and your profit less 10% withdrawal fee after only 5 Insta lots trading. (T & C Apply)
  3. Get Cashback Bonus of up to $100 if you trade 100 Insta lots in a month, the same applies if you trade 50 lots in 30 days, you receive $50 cashback bonus you can trade with or withdraw, trade 30 lots and get $30 cashback, trade 15 lots and get $15 Cashback in 30 days of trading.
  4. Get Trading Signals to support your learning and development.
  5. Learn How to Analyze and Invest Profitably in Crypto Altcoins to Maximize Your Profit
  6. Community: You will be a part of a community of traders and investors who are learning and profiting from the vast knowledge of members of the community.
  7. Ability to Receive Free Airdrops from Blockchain.com-You will learn and implement the process. (The last Free airdrop I received is currently worth over $1300)

How to Get Started…

You can get started right away in just x steps…

Step 1: Click Here or any of the links above to register.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the Payment Page to make payment.

Step 3: You will receive the download link to the courses, plus ACCESS to the Members Training Area.

Step 4: Show up on the days you are required to show up for your mentorship program on WhatsAPP, Telegram, Zoom, Facebook, or Skype.

Step 5: After 4 weeks of Training, and monitoring your trading progress, your Live Account will be credited with $50 so you can go live with our Trading Signals.

The Process

After your registration, you will download the first set of lessons to begin your study.

While you are at it, we will be holding a weekly telegram meeting where we will be demonstrating what you learn.

Interactions, and Q & A sessions will be held on Telegram.

Then, there will be a community where ideas are shared on a regular basis as they emerge

₦122590 ₦25500 (Nigerian Residents)